APIs and Documentation

We’ve compiled a quick list of some APIs and their documentation to get you up-and-running quickly. More time hacking, less time searching.

Remeber to keep an eye on the schedule; we’re having a couple break out sessions on how to use these specific services.

Pitney Bowes Location Intelligence

Pitney Bowes has kindly lent use of their Location Intelligence APIs, allowing you to incorporate their extensive geodata into everyday applications, businesses processes and workflows.

Location Intelligence Getting Started
Location Intelligence Docs
SDKs for iOS, Android, Java, .NET, and JS
This service requires your team to register an account to get an API key and Secret.

Uber Rides API

Uber offers developers access to their Rides API to build better moving experiences. There are a range of options from buttons to deep links to even totally custom integrations.

Uber Developer’s Portal
Uber API Docs
This service requires your team to register an app using an Uber account.

MTA Developer Resources

MTA provides access to its real time data feeds for developers to use.

MTA Developer’s Portal
MTA Feeds Docs
This service requires your team to register an account to get an API key. Also, be aware there are limitations on using MTA logos, brand, etc. Read more on the portal page

Indeed Web Searches

Indeed provides a public interface that allows developers to search the Indeed job index using an XML interface.

Indeed Web Services
This service requires your team to register a free Publisher account to gain access to the API.

Scriptr Developer Resources

Script provides developers the foundation to help build IOT projects.

Scriptr Developer’s Portal
Scriptr Docs
A login is required, your team can create their own or use a GitHub, Twitter, or Facebook login.

IBM Bluemix

Bluemix is IBM’s digital innovation platform where you use a combination of the most prominent open-source compute technologies to power your apps. Then, let Bluemix handle the rest.

Bluemix Developer Portal
Bluemix Docs
This service requires your team to register for an account.


Unity is a powerful multiplatform game engine that allows developers to quickly start building. Unity also supports VR.

Unity Website
Unity VR Getting Started
Unity Docs


Blippar allows developers to create augmented reality and visual discover experiences.

Blippar Developer Portal
Blippar Guides